Development Cycle

I can take a product from concept to manufacturing. Over the years I have developed a number of key contacts in the industrial design arena and the embedded software arena. This is a snapshot of the product development cycle:

  1. You contact me and we talk about your project services
  2. I prepare an initial proposal and send it to you for review
  3. We zero in on a detailed proposal
    – Proposals include Microsoft Project Time and cost data
    – Proposals address Industrial Design (ID) issues
    – Proposals address software issues
  4. We agree upon terms and the project begins
  5. Schematics and BOM are developed
    – All components are checked against designated obsolete status
    – All component footprints are verified
    – All component information is embedded into the schematic and is reflected in the BOM
    – Ground plane issues are addressed
    – Shielded areas are identified
    – Antenna issues are resolved
  6. We have a design review and agree upon the design
  7. By this time we should have a PCB Outline with designated keep-out areas
  8. The PCB is designed
    – Most likely 4 or 6 layers
    – Split Ground Planes
    – Shielding Issues
    – Clock issues and proper terminations
    – RF Traces calculated
    – Antenna issues resolved
    – Printed antennas
    – Chip antennas
    – FCC certified connectors
  9. PCB is assembled
    – Most designs are 0402 but I am 0201capable
    – I have relationships with assembly houses for more demanding assemblies (BGA)
    – I have a lab full of components
  10. Software is loaded
  11. The Assembly is tested and data is taken
  12. Second Spin is accomplished if necessary
  13. Final Documentation package is released
  14. FCC concerns as required
  15. Manufacturing is established

My Equipment


Layout and Schematic Capture

You need someone who has developed wireless products as a career. Someone who understands shielding techniques and split groundplane techniques. You need someone who understands RF issues such as self generated noise issues and clock shielding and terminations. You especially need someone who understands antenna design issues (the antenna is what makes it wireless). I will develop a design that addresses all of these issues and more.


Mechanical Engineering

I have experience with mechanical engineering issues. I can develop initial drawings of concepts that will help the Industrial Design Engineer become more effective with his design.


First Article Build

Most designs are 0402 designs and I have 0201 experience as well. For intense assembly issues such as BGA designs, I have a relationship with an assembly house in Austin. Most first article builds are done in my lab. This allows me to understand any PCB issues in regards to manufacturing for high volume. I use state of the art equipment and I stock thousands of parts in my lab.


RF Testing

I own two Spectrum Analyzers (DC to 22GHz) and a Network Analyzer (DC to 6GHz). I also own general purpose test equipment such as scopes, signal sources, function generators, power supplies and a list of other equipment. Any additional equipment that is needed can be rented.