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Product Description Version 5.8


version-5-simple-generator_11This unit is unbelievable for the price. This unit works like an expensive Signal Generator at a fraction of the cost.

On Sale $175

Key Features:

  • Frequency Range is 35MHz to 4.4GHz
  • 50 ohm system
  • Frequency resolution as low as 1khz
  • PLL synthesized RF signal generator, controlled and powered by a PC running Windows via its USB port.
  • Step Function included
  1. Selectable time base per step and selectable step size.
  2. Steps can be looped or Single Sweep function
  3. Also includes a “Single” step button. Single step forward or backwards
  • 4 layer PCB versus 2 layers of similar models
  • RF Output Standard SMA Connector: Select 4 Power levels. +16dBm at 2440MHz
  • PLL Reference is a TCXO (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) at +/-2.5ppm over temperature and 1.5ppm at room
  • Light Indication for RF ON and Frequency Lock


img_2533In addition to the Internal 10MHz Reference there is an additional 10 MHz External Reference Input via BNC

10MHz Buffered output (will drive a 50 ohm cable) BNC

OOK Input port (BNC) allows for On-Off-Keying modulation (EMC Pre-qualification). If you want that port to be FM then just let me know at no additional cost.

Software allows for test sequences to be written and stored (Scripting)

Extruded Aluminum Housing with metal end plates

Control Software comes in two separate platforms. There is a “LabView” platform. You do not need to own LabView to run it as this comes with an executable file. The second Platform is developed around Tcl (Tickle). For more information regarding Tickle go to www.tcl.tk. The Tickle platform has more features than the LabView although both work great.

I am adding additional features all the time and the latest feature is for HAM/amateur radio operators. It is a cool Morse Code module that allows you to type from your keyboard and the unit will translate that into Morse Code using OOK modulation. I have operated it at 45 words per minute with no issues. There is an additional Beacon Mode as well.

This package includes a CD with drivers and an executable file that will install and run on a PC with Win-XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Win10 (USB cable included).

This is a wide band synthesizer. This is a very inexpensive solution for a stable frequency source for a number of applications to include production test set ups, antenna testing, Range tests, bench testing and site surveys.

Today’s Price is $175